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Lips Discoloration & Care and its remedies

We all want healthy, glowing, sensual, smooth, soft lips. Even though we are not used with it, we should all be aware of the fact that taking care of our lips is extremely important, especially during cold winter days. Representing a transition area, the skin on the lips is more sensitive and more vulnerable to all external noxious factors such as wind, cold, UV rays and pollution. Therefore, you need to learn a few basic lip care tips and tricks in order to keep them healthy and seductive.

Discoloration of lips is a widespread problem in the present times, affecting people of all age groups and genders - men, women and even children. Stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits have made it an all the more persistent problem. While wrong food habits, improper oral hygiene and smoking are the main reasons for the discoloration of lips, a number of other factors also contribute to the problem.

Causes of Lip Discoloration
-Certain diseases
-Certain mouthwashes
-Excessive fluoride use
-Bad eating and drinking habits
-Certain medications and drugs

Discoloration of the lips is a condition when the color of the lips changes from the usual red or pink to dark shades. It can affect both men and women and is not bounded by age either. At times, discoloration of the lips can also be a heredity problem. If it is so, the ailment cannot be cured completely. However, retreating to some natural remedies, it can be lightened or treated partially.

Home Remedy For Discoloration Of Lips:

-The most simple and effective way to cure discoloration of the lip would be to have at least 10 glasses of water per day.

-Lime is a very good bleaching agent. Apply lime juice on the lips every night before bed. This would help in treating discoloration of the lips.

-Sun rays also causes discoloration of the lips. Applying some sunscreen lotion on your lips would help solve this ailment.

-Apply a small amount of clarified butter little every night to soothe lips. Not only, would it cure the discoloration but also help to keep the lips moisturized.

-For people who are in the habit of smoking or in taking caffeinated drinks the first step would be reduce or lessen the intake. This would help in both prevention and treatment of discoloration of lips.

-Make a paste of fresh milk cream in which saffron has been soaked overnight. Apply this paste to cure discoloration of the lips.

-Another useful homemade product is a mixture made of honey and olive oil that you should apply and leave it act for at least 15 minutes.

-If you love using lipstick all day long, in winter you should try to apply it less as it might cause rashes. However, if you still want to use it, apply lip balm first.

-For dry lips, you should know that what you eat or drink plays a major role too. For example, the eight glasses of water that one should drink daily allows the hydration from the interior. Moreover, foods rich in vitamin A, fatty acids, calcium, and magnesium are important also. Besides, the lack of vitamin B or iron in the body is the cause of sensitive skin on the lips. You should have a balanced diet and eat every day foods rich in vitamin B, such as brown rice, spinach, milk, nuts, eggs, bananas, soy, broccoli, or fish.

Friday, July 20, 2012


There are lot of people and a lot of books that will tell you what you must do in office. But there will be very few who tell you what not to do. We are here to list these general don’ts for you and we are sure they will help you stay clear of getting embarrassed in office.

1. Peep into someone’s laptop/desktop:

The most annoying person in office is the one who peeps into his colleagues laptop screen. Make sure you are not this annoying person. No matter the urge to see what other people are up to, you must save yourself the embarrassment of being labelled the office’s peeping tom.

2. Walk around like you own the place:

It is great to be confident, but it is a sin to be cocky. So under no circumstances should you walk around like you own the place. It is advisable to keep your smartness in check and not throw your weight around. Keep it easy going and genuine, and everyone in office will like you instead of bitching about you.

3. Gossiping:

We are sure you have heard this one before. It is imperative to stay clear of gossip, but we all know that this is not possible. Every nook and corner of office is full of gossip mongers. What you can do however, is keep your tongue in check. Don’t bitch everyone out to everyone, and don’t allow others to christen you the gossip king.

4. Be loud:

Oh my GOD! Please don’t be that loud person in office. Keep your voice level in check, do not play loud music and stay clear of all things loud. Loud people annoy colleagues like few other people/things do. Train yourself to talk softly yet be audible.

5. Stealing:

Every office goer at some point in time is inclined to steal some office stationery: a pen, a paper, a folder, or a print out. Doing so once in a blue moon is okay, but don’t make a habit of it. Stealing is bad and you will be answerable and payable if you are caught.

6. Lie/Blame others:

When you find yourself in a soup or in tough situations you will be inclined to lie or shift the blame of your wrong doing on someone else. If you do this, you are putting not only your reputation at stake but your job too. Always stick to the honesty policy and play fair.

7. Make out:

Irrespective of how hot that colleague of yours is, making out in the office is just unpardonable. Making out is an extremely private affair and an office is the least private of places you know. Besides, if somebody catches you in the act, you can bid your job farewell.

8. Share your personal problems:

No one lives an easy life. Everyone has their share of personal problems just as you have yours. It would be na├»ve to share your personal problems with your work colleagues. We suggest you leave these issues at home and come to office with a clear mind. Remember, your colleagues aren’t your personal agony aunts.

Monday, July 2, 2012


If you want to talk to a girl walking on the street, you need to speak something that forces her to respond to you. If you are an average looking man and you try to act very smart, she will ignore you or simply laugh at you. But if you say something with confidence without bothering about your looks, she would definitely respond. Women like men who are confident and who take some action.

Understand this. Women are used to being approached by men who almost use the same pick up lines on every woman. So if you do the same, she would give you the same reaction she gives to everyone else, which is a big NO. So what do you need to do? You need to act differently.

Say "Hi" to her and she will most likely look at you and then ignore you. Now say, "Ma'am are you scared of good-looking guys? Don't worry! You will not fall for me!" The fact that you're an average-looking guy really makes something like this work.

Well most guys don't get this idea and they try hard to impress girls. But you have done it in just one go. You communicated to the pretty lady that you are not afraid of talking to good-looking girls and can make funny comments like that. This essentially also communicates that your sense of humour is good, which is a quality liked by most females.

Beautiful women come across guys who are boring and needy. These guys are not appealing to women because they look for approval each time they act. They would do everything that they think will please a woman. Sadly this leaves them with no identity and uniqueness. When someone shows his humour, strong personality and some strength, it really stands out.

So, what should you do when you get to chat with a lady on the street? First of all do not act like a normal guy who would not leave her till she gets up and says she is getting late. Chat for a little while and then show that you need to make a move. When you leave her in between, you will do what most guys don't do and thus act differently. She will instantly feel attracted towards you. She will doubt her beauty which couldn't make you stay a little longer. But she doesn't know you are playing the trick.

When you are about to make a move, instantly ask her for her number and say you will call her next week to make some plan to meet. Without any second thoughts, she will give you her number. If you think she will not, just give her a paper and pen and ask her to write down her e-mail address. Women don't mind giving away their e-mail addresses because they know they can block the person anytime.

Now hide your happiness after getting her number or e-mail address and do not flood her inbox with mails and messages. Most men do not understand this technique and the moment they get the number of a girl, they flood her phone with messages and calls. If they have the e-mail id, they would try to chat with them. But such men are not liked by women.

If you make her wait for a few days, she would know you are genuine and would love to reply to your mail or message. Do not act needy and you will surely win.

Guys, it is actually possible to approach women, start conversations, and get phone numbers and emails within minutes. You can do it. You just need to act smart!

How to propose a girl

Sometimes when you are friends of a girl and very open with her, proposing to her does not seem very difficult. Given the same situation, proposing may also bring fears to your mind because you may end up losing a friend too.

Sometimes the girl you want to propose isn’t your very close friend. She is almost an acquaintance. What do you do in that case? You fear rejection and at the same time you also fear a chance of making her your friend.

When you ask for online help in this case, the ideas of proposing a girl you get are often very costly, like theatre screen ad, banner printing, sky writing etc. Also some of the ideas need you to be very friendly and almost in a relationship with the girl to propose her. Which girl would accept your idea of getting in the bath tub filled with roses before you? Or which girl would accept the idea of cuddling in a quilt at night with you without being in a relationship?

Some of the ideas though brilliant do not fit in our situation and budget. So here are the unique ways of proposing a girl that will suit your situation and budget too.

1. First of all your proposal should be a surprise to her for three reasons. Firstly, when you give her the hint that you are about to propose to her, she might plan ways of declining or postponing her answer. She will frame her answers to not make you feel bad and still say no. Secondly, telling her about your intentions would mean raising her expectations. She might start expecting a great way of proposing to her. And if you do not meet her expectations, she might not feel too good about the whole proposal. Thirdly, while proposing to her, you will most likely try to impress her which will be least expected by her. So she will be thrilled and filled with joy by the whole episode.

2. Describing how you feel in a letter or note is the best way of putting your feelings forward. Accompanying this note and letter with flowers is like adding more to your feelings for her. Send these flowers with the note to her workplace or home (if she lives without parents or is alone at home). Make sure your delivery of flowers and notes does not embarrass her.

3. To add some spice to you love note, write it in some foreign language and ask her to decode it. Give her a time limit. She will slowly slowly decode the words and keep getting the meaning of some of the words and also your love. This is will make your love letter very exciting.

4. Take her to a beach, lake or sea shore at night. If the city you live in does not have any sea, lake or shore, you can plan any lounge that allows you to sit at pool side. Have a candle light dinner there. Make sure the candles you use have good fragrance. Ask the hotel manager to arrange for them. Give him extra money for that. The soft lights of the candles and the aroma will add to the ambience and also fill you with more feelings for her. This would be the perfect ambience to propose her. Now when the waiter gets the bill post dinner, pass it on to her. She would be surprised to see that you are asking her to pay. But when she will look at the bill holder, there would be something else instead of the bill. It would be a love note from you to her. At the end of your love note would be another note that would say-

“Please do not hesitate in paying tips. If you like the proposal, you can give me a kiss else a smile would also do.” When you do this, look at her face and the smile she carries all day. But make sure you do all the arrangements and your settings with the staff of the lounge before you enter it.

5. One of the best ways of proposing a girl is to look into her eyes and with all your feelings for say that you love her and ask her if she is willing to spend the rest of her life with you. The guts you show would be highly appreciated by the girl. Choose a good destination or venue for doing such a brave act. Make sure the venue is not crowded and has soft lights and peace with some soft music in the background.

Whatever method you use to propose your girl, just make sure they do not embarrass her and do not create any trouble for her else she may start disliking you. Also all the ideas may not suit your situation, so it is better to mould them slightly. Remember not to pick up cheesy lines to propose to her and also do not ask her friend to convey your message to her. Be bold enough to speak to her about your feelings and she will love you for your boldness.


Few basic do's and dont’s of skin care in the parlour

Choose a treatment only after careful skin diagnosis consultation with the expert on call. Discuss centra-indications first.

Check out the steps of the procedure and product ingredients before, not after, however intimidated you may feel. Any cosmetic surgery or injection, if done by untrained and inexperienced practitioners, could prove dangerous and even fatal. It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not be afraid to ask or walk out if in doubt.

What may work for your friend may not necessarily work for you.

Get an allergy or patch test done before you go in for any kind of cosmetic procedure or even facials, exfoliations or scrubs. Mention allergic conditions or medications you are currently under.

Diabetic? Had herpes? On heart medicines? Certain procedures are a no-no. Those allergic to aspirin must avoid applications that contain salicylic acid.
Insist on polythene strips for waxing that cannot be re-used. Better still, insist on disposables and fresh or new laundry for every procedure, including the sheet that you lie on.

Go in for facials or other surface treatment at least a week to ten days before any special occasion. It gives your skin time to settle and glow!

Ayurvedic and natural products cause minimal reactions, but check all the same.

Nothing beats a good regimen of proper diet, exercise and plenty of water.

Health is in your hands. Follow a simple at-home skin care programme of cleansing, steaming, toning and moisturizing once a week for a healthy, radiant look!
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