Saturday, January 7, 2012


Feng Shui has the potential to transform unhappy lives into happy ones by creating harmony in relationships. These relationships may be those you enjoy with your immediate family - your spouse, parents, children or siblings - or with close friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Here is the some tips how to get them

1. Place a pair of mandarin ducks for a great love life.

2. Never have a large mirror directly facing or reflecting the bed.

3. Having a television in the bedroom is not encouraged.

4. Do not sleep with a large overhead beam cutting the bed into two.

5. Do not have a toilet above you, as negative Ch'i shoots down causing problem for young couples.

6. Do not sleep on a double bed with two single mattresses.

7. Check your personal romance direction based on your Kua number and arrange your sleeping position in the suitable direction.

8. Hang a small crystal chandelier in the southwest part of your bedroom and keep the light on for three to four hours every evening.

9. Keep a minimum of two pillows on your bed and try to keep things in your bedroom in pairs.

10. Play soft, calm and soothing music in your house. This will cleanse and clear negativity while promoting peace and harmony.

11 Never sleep on a round and unstable bed.

12 Sleeping between two doors makes you quarrel a lot with your spouse and sleeping between two pillars makes you irritable and stressed.


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