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Knee pain is a type of joint pain. Knee pain is common in every age group and gender. The main causes for knee pain are injuries, accidents or arthritis. It can also happen due to low calcium content in the bones and excess pressure on the knees. The exterior symptoms of knee pain are swelling, pain and inflexibility.

As weight bearing joints, knees help us stand, run and walk. Knees twist & turn to accommodate body movement. Athletes can get knee pain from running, as they continuously pursue the sport and are thus more prone.

You can also get knee pain when bending to perform an activity as this exerts more body pressure on the knees.

As you age, knee bones begin to degenerate, lose mineral & gradually the joints become stiff, causing pain. Among other knee pain causes are health conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

When your symptoms of knee pain such as swelling & pain are mild, they nonetheless require attention. Knee pain can be very painful at times. You should consult a doctor if it persists for a longer time.

Natural and Home Remedies for Knee Pain

You can get effective and beneficial from natural home and remedies, that can provide substantial relief from knee pain.The natural remedies work on the cause of the knee pain and heal it from the root.

Fenugreek Seed
Fenugreek seeds have anti inflammatory properties as well. It can give an instant relief from knee pain.Soak some fenugreek seeds in mustard oil. Apply the soaked seeds on your knees and let leave for half an hour. This remedy is useful if you procured knee pain when bending. It warms up your knees, increases blood flow and promotes health of knee cartilage.

Bishop's Weed
Take some bishop’s weed and grind it into a powdery form. This powder can be taken with a glassful of lukewarm water. Do this every morning until you see improvement.

Yoga is the answer for many health problems. Yoga can treat every type of pain and keep the heart and brain healthy. Similarly, yoga is good for knee pain as well. There are some yoga poses that can strengthen the knee muscles. Yoga exercises also increase the flexibility of the knee muscle. Yoga can be very good for persisting pains. 

Calcium Supplements
Joint pains generally occur due to less calcium content as well. When the calcium content in the bones reduces, bones become weak. Start having a diet which is rich in calcium and other essential nutrients. There are many calcium supplements available which can be used. Milk products, fish and other calcium rich food should be consumed regularly. This is one easy remedy for knee pain or any other joint pain. 

Oil Massage

Hot Oil massage is an excellent home remedy for knee pain. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or any other massage oil. Regular massage on the knee area which hurts can be useful. 

Take some oil and warm it. Massage the oil on the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Use circular motions to massage. Oil massages provide instant relief for knee pain.

Essential Oil
If your knee pain causes swelling, use essential oils such as eucalyptus by rubbing it on your knees, it helps reduce the swelling.

Wintergreen oil 
Wintergreen oil is also a good remedy for chronic knee pain. Rub this oil on your knees twice daily to get positive results.

Regular exercising is the answer to many health problems. Sometimes knee pain may occur due to overweight or obesity. Regular exercising including some stretching exercises can be beneficial for knee pain. The muscles get stretched and open up. Exercising can include home based workouts like skipping, aerobics and dancing. Exercising reduces the extra weight that the knee could not bear. 

Other Remedies

There are a few other ailments for knee pain apart from the above few tips for home based remedies on knee pain. These tips include consuming turmeric milk every day. Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties and thus helps to relieve the knee pain.

Drinking ample amounts of water is important. This hydrates your body & your joint muscles remain soft & flexible.

When you have simple knee pain from running, for example, application of hot compresses for ten minutes daily becomes an effective remedy for your knee.

In addition, you can intake vitamin B3, D, E and B3 supplements. Include peanuts, cod liver & flax seed oil in your diet as these nutritional supplements along with knee pain exercises can aid slow down degeneration of your knees.

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