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Everyone experiences body odor from time to time. If you're dealing with ongoing or chronic bad odor, however, perhaps it's time to assess your habits and uncover the root cause of the odor. Several factors can play a role in bad body odor such as personal hygiene habits and diet. Body odor is affected by what sweat glands produce. If body odor is dreadfully disagreeable it may affect your social life. Being anxious or restless could be a indication of body odor. Fortunately, there are tricks to remedy this problem.

Cause of Body odor
Body odor might be due to serious illness. Body odor might be due to kidney disease; fungal infections liver disease and so on if you take a number of strong medicines then the smell of those medicines may be there in your body odor. Diabetic patients may possibly smell of acetone because of insulin that they take.

If you drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or cigar you will have an disagreeable body odor. Body odor may also be due to zinc shortage, cavities, toxins and so on. It is frequently related with sweating of the body, but the unpleasant odor is mainly due to bacteria present in the sweat. The main non-food reason for body odor due to sweating is the sweat glands under the arms and in the groin area. Poor hygiene is the most general reason for body odor.

Home Remedies for Body odor
Remedies for Sweat
Make use of antibacterial soap or deodorant soap to combat body odor due to sweating. Wear cotton clothes throughout summer so that the sweat is soaked up. In its place of using deodorant, wipe your sweat producing parts like armpit using white vinegar or alcohol. Avoid using antiperspirant since they clog sweat glands, use alum instead. Apply some baking soda on armpit, it will soak up sweat and kill bacteria.

Additional Remedies
If your body odor is caused due to any medication that you are on, then you need to speak to your doctor. Immerse yourself for 15 minutes in bath water with couple of cups of tomato juice in it. Make use of baby powder to stay areas of heavy perspiration dry. Apple cider vinegar can be used to battle under arm odor.

Personal Hygiene
It's no secret that daily showers and baths can help remedy bad body odor. However, taking a shower or bath isn't always enough to get rid of a strong odor. Add an antibacterial bath or shower gel to the water to rinse bacteria, germs and other impurities from your body. Apply an antiperspirant and deodorant to underarms and reduce sweating and odor. Apply baby powder to odor-prone areas such as the feet and between the toes. Feminine hygiene sprays can reduce bad body odor in women. It also helps to shower and change your socks and underwear after physical activity.

Diet Consideration
Diet to keep away from
There is a straight relation between what a person eats and his body odor. Certain foods such as onions and garlic add seasoning to foods and enhance the flavor. However, if you consume these foods or seasonings on a regular basis, their scents can escape your body through sweat and produce a bad odor. Stay away from refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils and other processed foods. Avoid red meat because it discharges many toxins into the blood stream. Avoid foods that not have fiber. Keep away from alcohol, caffeine, cumin and garlic.

Consume Healthy Food
Eat a healthy diet, which have whole grains, lots of leafy vegetables, sprouts, fresh fruits, soy products, raw nuts and so on.

Detoxifying helps expel toxins and bacteria from your body that can trigger a bad odor. Sweating is an effective way to remove odor-causing bacteria from your body. Participate in physical activity to induce sweating or relax in a hot sauna to promote sweating and help alleviate bad body odor.

Wash Your Clothes
While daily bathing is essential to fighting bad body odor, washing your clothes regularly also plays a role in odor. The underarms of shirts can have a lingering odor, which intensifies when your body temperature rises. Regularly wash your clothes in detergent or have the items professionally cleaned to alleviate odors.

Additional suggestions for Body Odor
Not at all repeat unwashed clothes, particularly undergarments during summer, it will aggravate the odor. Wax your armpits frequently. People who wear shoes for lengthy time complain of foot odor. It is caused by rapid bacteria development due to excess sweating of feet. To avoid foot odor wear cotton socks, never use socks continually. Wash your feet appropriately. If possible wear open footwear like leather sandals. All the above-mentioned remedies for body odor can be used to avoid foot odor

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