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Summer time can mean absolute hell for the skin, of course, unless you live in cold regions. Except for the essential vitamin D in the morning and some warmth for the body when it’s cold, too much sun can cause severe damage.

Exposure to severe sun can dehydrate your skin cells making them withered and shrunk. The ultraviolet rays, especially the intense ones during midday, can wreak havoc with the collagen and elastin under your skin.

Some dos and don’ts of summer skincare that can help you prevent skin damage.

Don’ts of summer skincare

Smoking and Alcohol are extremely dehydrating. Smoking strips your facial skin of its moisture causing it to dry up and wrinkle faster. It is better to cute down on smoking and quit entirely if possible.

When you consume alcohol the body tries the pH levels of blood back to normal which results in dehydration. So cut down on alcohol during summer time.

Harsh Soaps or Skin Scrubs
Limit and decrease using soaps and scrubs as much as possible. As it is , you sweat during summer which means your skin pores are already getting cleansed.

Using soap too many times will strip your skin of its natural oils. So, instead, if you are feeling sweaty and need to cool your body down try taking showers without soap.

Makeup and Creams
It is necessary to keep your skin moisturized and to apply make up on your face. However, going around in the sun with so many chemicals on your face will only harm your skin than do you any good.

The chemicals along with the sun rays and sweat make a really bad combination to deal with. You would also run the risk of getting your skin pores clogged with the grease and all the dirt that can stick to those oils. So keep it to the minimum and use the basic make up rather than going heavy.
Dos of summer skin care
Drink lots of water

The most important “do” of summer skin care is to stay hydrated throughout the day. The heat and summer temperatures will cause you to sweat constantly which means you loss water and electrolytes a lot. So keep drinking water as much as possible, at least an average two to three litres in a day.

Make it a point to much on all the summer fruits available to you, especially watermelon and other liquidly fruit. Along with replenishing your water stores, they will also provide electrolytes. Instead of taking cold soft drink, alcohol or energy drinks try to rely on fruit or vegetable juices as much as possible.

Fruit Face Masks
Summer is the time to pamper your skin with natural skin care products. Instead of getting massages and facials with chemical products go organic and natural, and use fruit and vegetables to make your skin look better. Try a watermelon face mask or any fruit that you would prefer.

Apply sunscreen or Moisturizer
The minimum of chemicals that can be rather should be on your skin, should either be of a sunscreen or a mild moisturizer. It is not wise to expose your bare skin to direct sun. Applying sunscreen or a thin layer of moisturizer prevents your skin from getting sun burnt.

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