Thursday, December 20, 2012


Every girl is frenzied in her quest for beauty on a daily basis. Whether it is a regular day at office or an evening out with friends, perfect skin and hair is a bare necessity. In the pursuit of perfection, there are some common beauty blunders that you must avoid.

Ditch Dryness
Do not apply makeup on dry and flaky skin. Putting on foundation over dry skin can genuinely be horrific. The foundation will colour the dry areas and make the face look blotted. Instead, exfoliate regularly, smoothen your face with a rich moisturizer everyday.

Foundation Force
Applying foundation lighter than the original skin tone in order to look fairer can actually make you look grey. Firstly, love your complexion and choose an appropriate colour of the foundation matching the skin tone. Blend it properly with a suitable lotion on the face and the neck. If you miss out on the neck, then you will end up looking two toned in photos.

Eerie Eye
We all want well-groomed eyebrows but make sure you take professional help to get the perfect shape and never tweeze too much. Get a very light concealer to hide your dark circles. Blend the concealer with the base colour and apply it under your eyes.
-Avoid red eye shadow as it can end up looking neon in pictures. Blend it with gold if required.
-Frosty shades like pink, blue can make it appear puffy and swollen up. Don’t wear the entire colour palette on your eyes since using more than three shades at a time is dreadful.
-Don’t clump the eyelashes with an old or too much of mascara.

Lip Love
Picking on lip colours in vogue not matching the skin tone is not right. In fact, doing anything to your face or body just because its cool is bad. Be choosy about the colours that go on your lips and the look.
-Putting a darker lip liner than the shade of the lipstick or harshly lining the lips looks awkwardly mature.
-Don’t try to plump up your lips to get a pout like Priyanka Chopra because you might end up missing it by a mile.

Glitter is not for anyone over 14 years old. Don’t confuse glitter with shimmer because picking on products that add mild shimmer to your look is okay! Also, when using shimmer, don’t use it on more than one area at a time. Shimmery eyes, sparkly cheeks or shiny lip-gloss, only one thing works at a time. Don’t go nuts with shimmer in the evenings and it’s a big no during the day.

If you haven’t done a professional makeup course or a little workshop on dos and don’ts of makeup, consider it now. There is nothing to fear at all because most women learn makeup with age. If you are guilty of any of the above blunders, fix it now!

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