Sunday, December 23, 2012


Winter not only takes away the sheen of the skin but also leaves one with depressing skin. People with dry skin have to be much more careful than people with other skin types. So here are some tips for radiant and flawless look. The good thing about these tips is that these are not complicated and are very easy to use. A little extra care can keep all your skin problems at bay.

Aloe Vera: It is not only a very good moisturizer but also a good anti oxidant. Its medicinal properties can also cure many skin problems. Aloe Vera gel is a must for winters.

Sunscreen: It is a myth that sunscreen protects you only from summers’ sun rays but it also protects one from invisible UV rays. Thus it should be used all 365 days. Even very small quantities of these rays can cause pigmentation, rashes in long run. So it is always better to carry sunscreen and never ever step out without sunscreen.

Moisturize: For regular clean ups, prefer hot milk over hot water. Use boiling milk for steam purpose rather than water. The lactic acid of milk unclogs the closed pores and leaves you with a soft skin. Regular use will prevent cracked and flaky skin and will give you a fresh look.

Aroma oils: Massage you body once a week before bathing with aroma oils. Do not use very hot water for bathing as hot water steals away the natural body oils. Use luke warm water for bathing and for washing hair.

Sugar and lemon: Add some sugar to lemon juice and use this mixture as a scrub. It will have a softening effect on your hands.

Body lotion: Every time after bathing, massage your body with body lotion.Use body wash over soaps: Body wash are gentler and are more hygienic to use as compared to soaps. Prefer body wash over soaps.

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