Sunday, August 11, 2013


There are few things you should not tell others...
Even your close partners... as it may degrade you my dear!

Do you often feel like the innocent fool who does not know when to keep his mouth shut, and when to share his thoughts? Yes? Then, read on to know what you should keep ONLY to yourself.

Negative Feelings

If you nurture repulsion towards your landlady, or detest her dog, or if you abhor the neighbour who sends you vicious glances each morning as you step out of home, you are troubled by negative feelings of great intensity towards others. If you vent these, you will end up hurting nobody but your own self. So, the best thing is to keep these strong emotions within you, and gradually stop letting them affect your daily routine.

Financial Situation

Whether it is rock-bottom for you or the pinnacle of your professional and financial status, keep the figures that you earn to yourself. While it is imperative that your parents and partner need to be aware of the numbers here, revealing them to the whole wide world will not be such a good idea. This could lead to various reactions – anger, jealousy, pity, or even hatred.

Personal Issues at Work

In the professional sphere, it is ethical not to start sharing your marital woes or filial spats with colleagues. Not only does it show poorly on you as an employee, it also creates the opportunity for your growth within the organisation to suffer. Telling your peers about what you and your wife argued about in the morning, or the colour of the sari your mother intends to gift your wife are not considered serious and professional topics of conversation.

Half-Formed Aspirations

If you have recently stumbled upon a great business idea, or had your ‘Eureka’ moment with respect to your ambition in life, the best thing would be to further and finalise this concept. It may certainly help to bounce off such ideas with people who genuinely care about you or who you are close to, but it would be advisable to share your thoughts only once they have taken some sort of shape.

Your Sexual Desires

Talking mindlessly about your sexual desires, craving to feel a feminine body or habits of self stimulation can easily turn your friends off. Worse still, do not even discuss these matters with your family members. Refrain from discussing such matters and if the situation gets too troublesome to handle on your own, then either take a close friend into confidence, or seek the aid of a professional.

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