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Unfortunately, few of us can hold on to the baby pink lips we were born with. Due to exposure to the sun and aging, the natural pink color gradually darkens. Other reasons for dark lips include smoking or an over consumption of beverages such as wine, tea or coffee. Many cosmetics also cause the lips to darken. But all is not lost…there are ways to get naturally pink lips once more.

Home Remedies for Shining Lips

It is the wish of every person to have soft and pink lips that look beautiful; however, not everyone is blessed with such lips. Even if a person has pink lips they can become dark due to excessive smoking, chewing tobacco or other products that have nicotine in it or an excessive exposure to the sun.

Consumption of a lot of alcohol, coffee and tea are said to be other reasons for getting dark lips. Thus, a lot of people may wonder how to get pink lips?

Fortunately, there are a lot of home remedies that you can try to get those pink lips back again. There are a lot of dust particles that settle on your lips in the course of the day and thus, it is important you remove them along with the dead cells on your lips. You could take a toothbrush and gently rub it on your lips to remove all the dead particles settled on it. You could also wash your lips with cold water each night before you go to bed.

Rose water is very beneficial for your lips and you can simply apply some cold rose water on your lips with the help of a cotton ball.

Mix honey and lime juice in the ratio 1:2 and apply it on your lips for a couple of days as following this daily will lighten the color of your lips if they have turned dark.

You may also take some fresh cream, mix it with a little saffron and apply it on your lips. Allow this to stay on your lips till it dries off and then rinse it off later. Continue to do this for a month everyday and you will see the difference.

Glycerines is also said to be very useful to get your lips back to the pink color. You need to simply apply it on your lips everyday. You need to regularly apply a lip balm in order to keep them moist and from getting chapped.

Beet root juice is also very useful in getting pink lips wherein you apply the juice on your lips everyday. Similarly, the juice got from coriander leaves can also be applied if you want to know how to make lips pinker. You could also apply butter to your lips every night before going to bed.

Dark lips greatly hamper the appearance of a person. It isn't nice to look at and often creates a sense of inferiority in the affected person. For a naturally dark skin complexion, the dark color of lips may be less visible; however, for a fair skin complexion, dark color of lips looks very odd.

As you have mentioned, most people get dark lips due to smoking. However, several other things may also contribute to make your lips dark. Often, the use of cheap cosmetics can damage the skin on your lips and make them darker. Lips can also become dark due to excessive intake of caffeinated beverages, sunburn, and allergy.

Since you have already identified that smoking has resulted in your dark lips, you will need to quit smoking altogether before you try out any of the home remedies. As long as you continue with your smoking, all home remedies will fail to bring in the desired effect. When you smoke the skin on your lips is burnt and discolored, resulting in dark lips.

You can follow some home remedies that are known to be effective at treating dark lips. Choose some of the remedies mentioned herein, and follow them regularly for some time. However, you should keep in mind that these remedies may take long time to bring in desired effect. Lips that have discolored and grown dark due smoking cannot be made natural overnight. Often the damage is permanent and cannot be remedied. Still, some home remedies may be worth trying.

One of the methods is to use natural bleaching agents. Lime juice is a good example of this. Apply lime juice on your lips by gently rubbing with a cotton ball soaked in lime juice.

Apple cider vinegar can also work as mild bleach. And the best thing about both lime juice and apple cider vinegar is that they are completely natural, unlike the commercial bleaches available.

Besides natural bleaches you should also try to soften the skin on your lips. To soften the lips you can apply glycerines and honey.

Similarly, you can also apply yoghurt or paste of ripe banana. For best results, apply these on your lips and leave them overnight before; wash them off in the morning with cold water.

Another effective way to get back natural color of lips would be to exfoliate the skin. Brush your lips gently with a toothbrush ever morning while brushing your teeth. However, use a mild so as to avoid damaging the skin.

If you are unhappy with the color of your lips and yearn for lips that are pink and plump, following are some home tips for shining lips:

Make it a habit to exfoliate your lips everyday. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently rub your lips to remove any build-up of dirt and dead cells.

Soak a cotton ball with rose water and wipe lips clean to keep them soft and pink.

A popular home remedy to treat dark skin on the lips is to mix a pinch of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of cold milk. Massage your lips daily with this paste for the best results.

Honey is an excellent remedy for many skin problems. Honey helps moisturize dry and cracked skin and nourishes the skin cells. Simply rub a layer of honey over your lips before sleeping and wake up to brighter, softer lips.

Mix a teaspoon of almond oil with a little bit of lemon juice. Apply this mix to your lips and allow it to dry before rinsing off with cold water. The lemon juice works as a natural cleanser and the almond oil moisturizes the skin from within.

You can make your own lip scrub by mixing granulated sugar with some lemon juice. Use this concoction to scrub your lips and get rid of any dead cells and skin.

An age-old trick to get pinker lips naturally is to rub some beet juice over your lips. The beet juice will stain the lips a perfect natural shade of pink without the worries of harsh chemicals and long-term damage that come with most commercially produced lipsticks. Grated carrots or pomegranate juice do the same trick.

Use the peel of an orange to clean and exfoliate the skin of the lips. Compounds present in the orange peel helps lighten skin naturally and keep lips smooth and soft.

A quick remedy is to rub an ice cube over your lips. This plumps the lips naturally and hydrates the skin as well.

For a homemade lip balm, crush a few rose petals and mix into a paste with some cream. Apply this to your lips and leave for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off. Other excellent natural moisturizers for your lips are olive oil, castor oil, and vitamin E oil.

Mash some fresh raspberries and add a spoon of honey and two spoons of Aloe Vera gel. Apply this paste to your lips and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

Apply the juice of mint and cilantro leaves on your lips to make them smooth and pink.

It is believed that the juice of raw potatoes can also help lighten the color of your lips.

How To Prevent Dark Lips

Avoid  lipsticks that are not of a good quality or those that are very old.

Avoid hot baths and showers as this can lead to dehydration and dryness of the skin on your body and your lips as well.

Avoid overexposure to the sun and always wear sunscreen on your lips or lip balm with SPF to prevent cracked and dark lips.

Reduce your intake of beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, and colas that can stain your lips.

Get regular face massages to improve circulation and prevent problems such as dry and darkened skin.

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