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Busy work routines leave less time for a fitness regime.You can’t find the time in today’s busy and competitive world? However a little yoga at work can go a long way. Did you know that you can include a bit of exercise even when you are in office!!! Yoga stretches to keep you alert during the workday, and to release stress before you head home:

Simple Meditation
Sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours affects the eyes, neck, back as well as shoulders of the body. A little bit of meditation can not only rejuvenate the muscles of the body, but also bring about more efficiency in your work. Therefore, make sure to close your eyes, focus on one single object and completely block out all other thoughts from your mind. Practice this at least once a day for a few minutes each to refresh and enervate your mind.

Neck Rolls
The worst part of long hours at work and especially sitting at a desk the entire day, is the effect on the neck. It is important not to let that part of the body become stiff and give it some exercise from time to time. For this exercise, you do not even need to move from your seat. Place your palms on your knees, and keeping your back straight, roll your neck slowly from one side to the other. Repeat by moving the neck the other side. Do this a few times, and repeat 2-3 times during the day.

Arm Stretch
For this exercise, you need to make sure you have some open space around your seat or cubicle. Stand up straight, with your feet apart. Now take your hands behind your back and clasp both of them together. Pull them away from your body and try and feel the stretch in your arm muscles. Then, slowly bring the arms back to the side of your body. Repeat this 4-5 times. Of course, you need to ensure you do not bump your colleague on their head as you stretch!

Wrist Stretch
This is another exercise you can do by standing straight up in front of your desk. Now, place your palms on the desk, so that your wrists are facing the laptop or computer and the fingers are pointed towards you. Applying pressure on the wrist and keeping your back straight, lean towards the front. Be careful to come back to the original position if you begin to feel any pain or of your head begins to reel.

Chair Twist-A
1. Sit on the edge of your chair, sideways with your left side facing the chair back.
2. Throughout the pose, keep your feet and knees together and even.
3. Place your hands on the chair as shown.
4. Inhale while straightening your spine. As you exhale, twist toward the back of the chair, twisting from the very bottom of your spine -- pushing with your left hand and pulling with your right hand.
5. Repeat the inhalation/straighten, exhalation/twist series several times.
6. Release and switch sides.

Chair Twist-B
1. Sit in the middle of your chair, sideways with your left side facing the chair back.
2. Repeat the same routine as in Chair Twist A.
3. Do you feel the twist in the spine at a slightly different place?
4. If you need to, place a book under your feet to keep them flat.

Chair Lower Back Stretch
1. Sit in your chair and widen your legs so they are wider than hip-distance apart.
2. From the hip crease, bend forward and allow your entire body to relax. You can round your back. Drop your head and completely relax your neck.
3. If you are not completely comfortable, try putting a rolled blanket or towel at the hip crease and lean over again.
4. Hold this pose as long as you like, allowing each exhalation to relax your body and mind a little more. Sit up on an inhalation, pause for a few moments, and try again.

The above methods are easy and comfortable yoga positions to practice while at work. However, it is always advisable to consult a professional before you implement these.

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