Sunday, March 2, 2014


Unlike the ones from the opposite sex, women are accustomed to receiving compliments - from the random guy at the pub to the street whistler! On the other hand, men rarely get a compliment. So fire off a meaningful compliment to your man and make way for a steaming night ahead.

Here are few compliments men love to hear, and should be hearing from you. Let him know that you appreciate him and that he's special.

What would I do without you?
Guys love to feel needed. Whether it is to help you understand bank work or simply open a jam jar — it is one of the greatest feelings for a man that you can't live without them. Cuddle him and tell him it would have been impossible for you to do anything without him.

I respect you
It might seem old-fashioned, but men and women are different. We don't think the same, talk the same, or respond the same to similar situations. Women want to feel loved, cherished and safe. Men want respect. Since men often withdraw when they don't feel that respect, it's worth giving him the positivity he craves. A man wants to know that you are focusing solely on him and that he is your priority. When you do focus on him, you will get so much in return.

Crave to spend more time with you
Sometimes you need to connect with his inner being as well. No matter how much you compliment him on his looks or his skills — your efforts will go waste if you don't let him know how much you love him and want to be with him. Tell him that it is his innate characteristics that draw you closer to him.

I am proud of you
Men are very sensitive to performance issues. They worry about disappointing you. Telling him that he's the best, most loving man has a megawatt positive impact. Men need reassurance that they are doing a good job.

I Feel Safe When I'm With You
No matter how independent you are, your guy wants to know that he makes you feel protected (even if you are the spider-killer in your relationship).

You are excellent at your job!
Praising your guy's brain power is a must! Every guy wants to know that he is awesome at his task. Go that extra mile and tell him how much you admire him for the way he shows his dedication and loyalty towards his work. This one will touch him...really!

That was delicious
Men have a primordial need to provide for their women. While their intentions are typically good, their culinary skills might be lacking. Reward him for his efforts nonetheless. If you lambast him for dry chicken, he'll feel insecure, and won't want to try again. Sometimes it truly is the thought that counts — especially when Chinese take-out is just a phone call away.

I am happy with you
It might sound like something your mom told you, but it's true, If you want to be in a fulfilling relationship, you must first be happy with who you are. You can't put pressure on your partner to be the sole source of your bliss. If you are who you are fully and completely with no armor, you will magnetize and attract the perfect person for you because light attracts the light.

Boy, you can work it!
Tell your man how awesome he is in the bedroom — this one definitely ranks at the top of his list! A guy dies to hear how good he is at the skills he works so hard to perfect.

You're so freaking hot!
This is one compliment that will instantly lift his spirits. Complimenting a guy on his good looks is okay, but it is a different thing altogether to tell him what makes him so desirable — serve up his accolade, gently touch his body parts to add an extra sizzle to it.

You make me better
He loves you and will do anything for you, so when you find yourself trapped in a routine and feeling somewhat spark-less, the biggest compliment you can give him is a reminder that he's improved your life.

I trust you
You've probably got this one covered, but communicating it is all in the timing. "The best time to share your feelings with your guy is just before or during sex. At that time, levels of oxytocin, a hormone that enhances feelings of trust, love and intimacy, are elevated, making it the very best moment to love talk with your partner. It's also the ideal time to let him know what you want from him in the relationship, as he will be the most receptive and open.

You look handsome
It may sound obvious, but men enjoy a good ego-stroking, especially when they're not trying to impress.

Your friends are fun
There are nights you'd much prefer to stay home with a Say Yes to the Dress marathon than endure hours of beer-guzzling with his former frat brothers, but these guys are a part of his past and it's important to let him know that you love every aspect of him — even if you're glad he's grown up a bit since his keg-stand days. Going to his social events or family functions makes you see your boyfriend through other people's eyes and remember why you started dating him.

Being able to make my boyfriend laugh is the most gratifying feeling. Laughter triggers the release of protective endorphins which manage pain and promote feelings of well-being. Even if he's no stand-up comedian, a good-natured giggle will make you both happier.

It's not your fault
We all have bad days, and it's easy to take out the anger you feel towards your boss on your husband. Although you may know deep down that it's not actually your man you're upset with, he still might take your mean words to heart. Instead, level with him about why you're cranky. He'll be your best advocate.

I am sorry sweetheart
When an irrational fight arises out of a silly situation, the best thing to do is to apologize before it escalates into something bigger, and a lot meaner. He's not always the enemy. Sometimes hormones, or even lack of calories are the culprits.

Thank you
It's easy to overlook the small gestures, like when he swaps out his toothbrush head for yours or straightens up the apartment even if you're not having friends over. Instead of issuing a passive aggressive, "it's about time!" thank him. Catch him doing something right every day. Whether it's that he made your coffee just the way you like it, or holds the door for you, tell him how much you appreciate his efforts and, above all, be specific about what he did and how it made you feel. That way, he'll know exactly what he's done well, and he'll do it more often.

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