Saturday, June 14, 2014


Where to draw the line in a relationship is very important. Certain information should only be limited to you. 

Personal affairs call for careful attention. And when it comes to a relationship, it makes all the more sense to keep certain personal information and details to self. The same applies to your boyfriend too. You too might be having very true and genuine feelings for each other, but being careful always helps one as an individuals. Here's a list of things never to share with your boyfriend

Your password

This is a big NO NO when it comes to sharing something with your boyfriend. Be it your email or Facebook or twitter id password, keep the sensitive information to yourself. Even though you might trust him a lot and also love him beyond words, but there are certain things like passwords that you should never share.. Let you two have your different worlds.

Your diary

It may seem romantic to share your thoughts by sharing your diary, but that too is highly avoidable. Never ever should you let your boyfriend know how you think and what you think.

Personal pics and videos taken on your smartphone

If the pics of you two are clicked or videos are taken on your smartphone, do not transfer those to him. Transfer those to your computer or tablet. And delete from your database. If they are of too intimate in nature and you do not like the whole set of relatives of either side take notice of those, delete them from your smartphone silently without informing him.

Your dislike for his family

It is best you keep this secret to yourself and not let this one out either to him or your friends. There will always be some who cannot get along well with their boyfriend’s mother or sister. You need not tell him this. Not only will it make him sad but it might also ruin your relationship.

Your secrets

You never know when a relationship can go sour. So avoid sharing all the crucial and sensitive information that is related to you till you are sure of his conduct and intentions. If he is too inquisitive, just give a rough sketch of you as a person, but do not give too many details of your life.

Best friend's secrets

Your best friend has been there and done that for you all the time. But don't make the mistake of revealing your best friend's secret to him. This will be absolute betrayal to your best friend. So keep some secrets to yourself.

Your past….in detail 

Well even if you’ve mentioned about your ex boyfriend to your current one, make sure you do not give out too many details to him. Keep this a secret. It does not mean that you are cheating on him. It just shows that you do not want unnecessary trouble.

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