Sunday, July 27, 2014


Flirting is a often viewed as a way to meet potential mates. A flirtatious wife can cause several types of marriage problems. Often, the husband feels hurt, rejected, insecure, and alone.

The most common reasons why married women flirt:

-Her husband doesn't give her the amount of attention she wants
-She is unhappy with husband
-She is not sexually attracted to her husband
-She likes the attention other men give her
-She is bored with married life
-She is insecure about self
-It makes her feel better about herself
-She needs to validate her attractiveness and sexuality
-She thinks flirting is harmless
-She is looking to have an affair
-It is exciting

-To meet emotional needs such as feeling liked, being popular, or being thought of as funny, entertaining, attractive, or sexy.

-As a passive-aggressive way of getting even with the husband. She may have felt rejected sexually and emotionally, so the flirting can be a message to her husband to shape up or risk losing the marriage.

-An attempt to get the husband's attention.

What to do if your wife flirts
If your wife flirts, take a little time to yourself and think about how you feel when she flirts. Once you are familiar with your feelings talk with your wife about them. Talk with her in a non-confrontational way. Be careful not to threaten or accuse her. Let her know exactly how you feel and would it would take for you to feel better. Your wife might not realize she flirts. She also might not realize how it makes you feel. If your wife doesn't want to talk to you about it or says that you are over-reacting, try talking to her again when she is more receptive. For instance, she might be less willing to listen to you if he is had a stressful day at work of if she is worried about paying the bills. She may be more open to listen and talk about it on her day off from work or on a Sunday afternoon.

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