Monday, February 10, 2014


Here are few do's and don'ts tips for drinking while you are partying out for any occasion.


Make sure you never take alcohol on an empty stomach. Always eat something before or while you are enjoying your drinks as this will not only slow down the rate at which alcohol enters your blood, but will also reduce the after-effects.

Try to alternate between an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic beverage. This will lead to an overall reduction in the quantity of alcohol you consume.

Prefer clear alcohol, such as white wine, vodka, gin etc. It is believed that the darker the alcoholic drink, the more likely it is to cause hangovers, thanks to the presence of more congeners (a substance in alcohol that is supposed to cause headaches).

Set a drinking limit for yourself.  Telling yourself you will not drink during the week, or choosing a limit for how much you will drink will get your mind set not to exceed your maximum.  You may choose to cut down or not to drink at all.

Notice how good you feel, physically and emotionally, during that time.  If you start to feel better, you will find it easier to cut down for good.  If you don't start to feel better, you may have a problem with alcohol.

Drinking water is the best cure for a hangover. So try to drink as much water as you can while you are drinking.

The morning after the alcoholic binge, have omelette with bread. Eggs provide energy to the body, build up the protein content and remove the accumulated toxins in the body.

Juice, especially freshly squeezed orange juice, helps raising your blood sugar levels together with easing some of the hangover symptoms. However, if your stomach is upset, skip acidic juices such as orange juice and stick to apple juice instead.

An antacid or Pepto-Bismol is taken to relieve queasiness and settle your stomach. You can even take a multivitamin or vitamin B capsules that help restoring the energy lost during your night of carousing.

Write down how many drinks you consume over a month-long period and how much it costs you. When you realize how much dough you're sinking on drinking, it might give you the extra incentive to cut down your alcohol intake.


Avoid sweet and sugary foods after or while you drink. Sweet taste makes it tough for the drinker to judge how much alcohol he/she is actually consuming. It also believed that sugar makes the drink hit you harder.

Try not to have a carbonated drink with alcohol as carbonation speeds up the alcohol absorption.

Don't go out with people who make you feel uncomfortable if you're not drinking or persuade you to drink heavy amounts if you are drinking.  You can always make alternate plans with friends who are less inclined to include alcohol in their fun.

Don't go to places where you'll be bored if you're not drinking or where you'll feel socially uneasy if you don't have a drink in your hand.

Don't guzzle. When you are drinking, take hour-long breaks between drinks. Drinking faster than your body can feel the affects can get you into real trouble.  Avoid drinking games, you'll end up drinking more alcohol, more quickly than your body can handle.

Try turning up to the bar/party later than usual, to minimize your drinking time, or start with a soft drink or glass of water to quench your thirst and fill your stomach a bit.

Don't mix your drinks. Rotating from beer to liquor or wine is only adding to the number of toxins that your body has to deal with.  Also, mixing drinks with carbonated beverages only increases your absorption rate and dehydrates your body.

Don't keep beer, wine, or hard liquor at home or in your room.  First off, it will be easier to resist if it simply is not there.

While it is important to know and set your own drinking limits, you should avoid trying to set limits for others.  The truth is everyone is affected by alcohol differently and whether people drink or abstain from drinking, you may not know why people make the choices they do.  Ultimately we have to respect each other’s freedom of choice.  Take care of yourself, set your own limits and choose wisely who you surround yourself with.

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